Corona community support

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Safeguarding our lives and livelihoods, together

Today, the coronavirus (COVID-19) affects many people worldwide, has a profound impact on the global economy and of course on the car parking industry. We are all faced with this unprecedented crisis.

There is no question that this is a major public health concern, and we all take this virus and its extraordinary health risks seriously. Each of us must put the health and wellness needs of our families, friends, customers, and the people around us first.

As parking specialists, we strictly follow and apply rules and regulations issued by governments in the countries in which we operate. This means in a lot of cases using common sense and changing our habits for a while.

Besides the obvious, such as extra cleaning, keeping our distance to colleagues and customers, and keeping crucial parking facilities open as people are advised to avoid crowded transports, we are doing the following;

  • Q-Park UK in conjunction with NHS Trusts have agreed to offer free staff and visitor parking at hospital parking facilities of the Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust and Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust.
  • We have a variety of arrangements for health and care professionals in our hospital car parks, among which;
    • Free season ticket upgrades to allow for flexible working hours.
    • Weekly season tickets at favourable tariffs .
    • Night+Weekend tariff for 24/7 availability.
    • Lower day tariffs.
  • Q-Park Netherlands has enabled the parking facility Oranjerie Roermond to be fully available for the Corona Center in Van der Valk Theaterhotel.
    • General practitioners and care institutions in North and Central Limburg (The Netherlands) opened a Corona Center in Roermond. This close collaboration between primary care organisations means that patients suspected of COVID-19 are accommodated.
  • Where parking facilities are closed, season ticket holders are offered;
    • Alternative parking facility nearby
    • Freeze period on their contract
  • For people in financial distress, we offer temporary suspension or flexible payment schemes on their season ticket.
  • We advise our customers to use contactless drive-in and -out options;
    • Use a bankcard at the access and exit terminals instead of taking a parking ticket.
    • Use one of the several Q-Park+PlatePay Apps, where available, to access and exit a car park by means of automatic numberplate recognition.
  • Where bankcard payment options are available at pay stations, and where it makes sense, we've disabled cash payment options.

On a different note, and important too;

  • Some parking facilities have closed their pedestrian doors to ensure that no unwanted people can enter, keeping it safe for those who need to be there.
  • Some parking facilities have closed a few parking decks to reduce energy consumption and human touchpoints.

To be sure, despite all the additional effort our people have taken to contain the impact of the corona-virus on our daily operations, we are there for you. Our customer service staff is happy to answer your questions and willing to find mutually agreeable solutions for situations we haven't thought of, yet.