Q-Park teams up with Tesla Motors

Thursday, 12 May 2016

by: Qurius

Q-Park UK is now one of Tesla’s Destination Charging Partners. The Tesla Wall Connector is an amenity for Q-Park Customers, allowing Tesla owners to charge their vehicles. These charging points are visible in the cars navigation system including Q-Park Oxford Street, Harley Street and Tower Bridge.

Electric vehicles are continuing to grow at a rapid rate with car manufactures such as Tesla Motors producing revolutionary, eco-friendly vehicles. As an alternative medium to petrol and diesel, Tesla Model S offers 270 miles of range on a single charge so the High Power Wall Connector can easily top off the Tesla in just a few hours.

Tesla Motors stated “We are very glad Q-Park will be part of our EU launch of the Destination Charging program. We’ll be going live with approximately 150 sites from April 25th; owners will wake up to see 150 new charging locations marked on their navigation system."