Ease of driving in and out

Thursday, 1 September 2016

by: Qurius

All users of Q-Park car parks in the Netherlands are now able to use the drive in and out feature after CCV upgraded the entry and exit terminals. The full project was completed in June 2016.

The CCV Motion soft- and hardware was installed in 166 Q-Park garages and P+R locations in the Netherlands providing customers with the ease of driving in and out of the car park without having to get a ticket or having to stop at the pay-on-foot terminals. Customers simply present the same debit or credit card when they enter and exit the garage, and the payment is automatically processed.

Contactless card tap and go

The full migration began in November 2015 and was finalised in June of this year. CCV worked together with different Parking Management System Suppliers such as WPS, Skidata and Scheidt & Bachmann to integrate their payment solution.

The benefits of the CCV Motion soft- and hardware are an easy, hassle-free experience for the customer, less cash being handled at the pay-on-foot terminals, and real-time streaming of information allowing CCV to better detect interferences or malfunctions.

CCV and Q-Park have been working together for several years. When Q-Park began modernising their payment solutions, they were looking for a service provider that could connect the car parks to the modern new world without jeopardising Q-Park’s core values of safety and comfort. CCV and Q-Park decided to co-create a totally new payment solution for the parking industry. The result was an innovative solution where payment is secondary to the parking experience of the customer making the overall experience safe, comfortable and cost efficient.

CCV continues to develop new payment concepts for the parking industry as well as to support Q-Park as market leaders.