Q-Park will operate car parks in Hasselt and Genk

Monday, 12 December 2016

Hasselt Dusartplein brandwall

Q-Park Belgium will operate the Dusartplein, Molenpoort, Parking TT (TweeTorenwijk) and Luikerpoort car parks in Hasselt. And in Genk we will add the Shopping 1 car park the Q-Park Stadsplein and St-Martinus parking facilities. This concerns a total of 3,215 parking spaces: 1,965 in Hasselt and 1,250 in Genk.

For this, Q-Park Belgium has acquired the shares of various companies that had been in the hands of a few Limburg families since the 1970s. This acquisition is an important milestone for Q-Park Belgium. In the coming years, the company will invest in the car parks and introduce the Q-Park house style.

Hasselt car park map

Q-Park car parks in Hasselt – Dusartplein, Molenpoort, Parking TT (TweeTorenwijk) and Luikerpoort

Philip De Brabanter: “We have always maintained good contact with the shareholders of these car parks in Hasselt and Genk. Mutual trust grew gradually and this agreement was realised in a professional and respectful manner. Hasselt, the capital of the province of Limburg, is a very attractive cross-border town and in Genk we can now expand and offer our customers greater parking convenience.”

Genk car park map

Q-Park car parks in Genk - Stadsplein, St-Martinus and Shopping 1

Q-Park Belgium is currently expanding rapidly and has significantly strengthened its market position.

  • At the end of last year Q-Park was awarded a contract to build and operate the Bruul car park in Mechelen (350 parking spaces), for which construction has already started.
  • Earlier in 2016, long-term contracts were agreed in Antwerp for the Handelsbeurs (284 parking spaces) and Century Center (219 parking spaces) car parks.
  • At the end of November, construction and operation of the underground car parks beneath the Zuiderdokken (> 2,000 parking spaces) was awarded to Q-Park.

Q-Park Belguim concludes a very successful year with the acquisition of the car parks in Hasselt and Genk.