Q-Park to operate Leipzig's car park 'Am Museumswinkel'

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Q-Park will be operating another car park 'Am Museumswinkel', in addition to those on the Augustusplatz and Marktgalerie in Leipzig.

The 'Am Museumswinkel' car park has more than 77 parking spaces on two levels and is open around the clock from Monday to Sunday.

The 'City Hotels am Museumswinkel' located immediately above the car park include an IBIS and an IBIS Budget hotel, both of which have direct access to the underground parking facility.

Leipzig Am Museumswinkel

Due to the very central location of the car park in Leipzig, many shops and restaurants are accessible in the immediate vicinity. There is a separate entrance for customers arriving by car, so that the underground car park can be accessed around the clock.

"We are very pleased to welcome Q-Park as tenant of the car park 'Am Museumswinkel'," says Götz Hufenbach, managing director of benchmark REAL Estate Development GmbH. "With Q-Park as our tenant and car park operator, we are highlighting the quality of our project here in Leipzig" adds Markus Krings, who is benchmark's on-site project manager.

As one of the three biggest car park operators in Europe, Q-Park has always set great store by the quality of the service that it provides, whilst focusing consistently on customer satisfaction. As a result, visitors to the car park 'Am Museumswinkel' can expect convenient parking spaces, bright and cheerful colours, as well as excellent lighting.

"As the quality market leader in the parking sector, we would like to make the parking experience as pleasant as possible for our customers and therefore focus on brightness, safety and cleanliness." stresses Q-Park's managing director Frank Meyer.

With the 'Am Museumswinkel' project, from January 2017, Q-Park will be providing its customers in Leipzig with a total of 1,800 parking spaces in the heart of the city centre, by adding these 77 new parking spaces.