Q-Park embarks on Europe’s Largest LED Lighting Rollout

Q-Park has awarded Future Energy Solutions (FES), the leading energy performance solutions provider, a significant contract to supply, install and maintain light emitting diode (LED) lighting technology. This project is estimated to be the largest ever individual project of its kind within Europe. It will roll out across seven countries and be completed by December 2019.

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Q-Park selected FES as lighting partner based on its experience and recommendations. Under the contract, awarded in May 2018, FES will provide a full turnkey solution that incorporates all elements of the implementation process – from survey and design, to installation, commissioning and maintenance.

This project will accelerate the LED introduction programme initiated in 2017. On completion, Q-Park will have 260 parking facilities, in nine countries, illuminated with ultra-efficient LED lighting.

Simultaneous implementations

The rollout will be conducted simultaneously across the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and Denmark, in more than 200 parking facilities and will involve some 100,000 installed luminaires.

High standards maintained

Q-Park goes beyond the minimum European lighting requirements for its parking facilities, as it believes that enhanced lighting offers a more welcoming and safer atmosphere for their customers. In order to ensure that high standards are maintained, FES thoroughly selected leading international LED luminaire manufacturers to supply an efficient and best in class solution, alongside localised installation and maintenance providers in each of the seven countries.

Significant savings

Peter Mertens, Corporate Manager Real Estate at Q-Park, explains, ‘Optimising our installed base in those parking facilities where energy efficiency can be improved through LED lighting provides multiple advantages, such as an improved lighting experience, energy savings as well as reductions to our carbon footprint and maintenance costs. The LED products currently available offer us these benefits, which is why we decided to transform the lighting systems in more than 200 of our parking facilities across seven countries. Our objective is to achieve a minimum reduction of 40 percent on our addressable energy load on lighting across our parking facilities.’

Added value

As well as the cost saving benefits that LED lighting can offer, Q-Park has also recognised the potential to lower its carbon footprint even further, through the installation of wireless lighting controls.

Commenting on the benefits of LED lighting, Marcus Brodin, commercial director at FES, states, ‘Our research indicates that energy costs will continue to rise and using LED technology can reduce lighting bills by up to 75 percent. What’s more, LED luminaires are also environmentally friendly, as they are 100 percent recyclable and free from mercury and other hazardous chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

This technology fits perfectly in Q-Park’s clearly defined Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda.’

Unique installations

FES will act as the master integrator and will configure a bespoke solution for each parking facility. Depending on what is required to reach the stipulated lighting levels and ROI, there will either be a straightforward point for point replacement, a total redesign of the lighting concept or, in some cases, the optimisation of existing infrastructure and its controls. The installation at each parking facility will therefore be unique. FES will also facilitate a long-term maintenance programme. Site surveys are already underway, with installations scheduled to start in September 2018.