Q-Park CSR Report 2018

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Q-Park CSR Report 2018 published today contains details of Q-Park’s non-financial results over the year 2018.

Passionate about space Hyde park

We are passionate about space - this is Hyde Park London. People park underground.

Based on the impact we have on society and on our stakeholders, at the start of 2018 we examined whether we are still doing the right things in the right way. Through desk research we were able to update the materiality analysis and translate an overview of material themes into the Q-Park Liveability Model.

Q-Park Liveability Model

The Q-Park Liveability Model is the overarching strategic model for Q-Park's CSR activities, through which we can steer our business activities to create value for our stakeholders and society. We consider improving the liveability and sustainability of cities through our activities to be part of our purpose.

If you wish to quick scan the report, you may find the interactive Q-Park Liveability Model helpful. Click a segment in the Model you find interesting and go directly to its details.

Performance highlights

  • Click here for the performance highlights.
  • A selection of key achievements;
    • An increase of total revenue to EUR 877.9 million (EUR 854.5 million in 2017).
    • An increase in parking spaces for e-charging to 1,322 (1,117 in 2017).
    • A decrease of 9% of CO2 per parking space to 128kgCO2 (140kgCO2 in 2017).

The online report allows you to download selections or a full pdf of the report. The online report is responsive, enabling you to read information clearly with your mobile phone.