City centre bicycle parking solutions in UK & Ireland

Q-Park has launched a secure bicycle parking solution to help city centre businesses in the UK and Ireland provide safe and secure bicycle parking for their employees.

Since lockdown started to ease, many employees have changed how they commute. More and more are opting for a greener and healthier option avoiding public transport and have taken to cycling instead.

Generally speaking, city centres do not have a great deal of space for bicycle parking on street and neither do employers’ premises have the facilities to provide safe and dry bicycle storage on-site. Consequently, many employees have to leave their bicycles on the street, with the risk of returning at the end of the day to find their bicycle has been stolen.

Throughout Europe, Q-Park is renowned for its safe and secure parking facilities. Since lockdown began to ease, Q-Park has received many requests from businesses regarding secure bicycle parking. In true Q-Park entrepreneurial spirit, we have developed an innovative service to meet this new mobility need.

What is bicycle parking?

Businesses can now rent space in a Q-Park car park to use as their very own bicycle parking area. This service is available in all major cities in the UK and Ireland. This is a secure cost-effective service that gives employees peace of mind so they can focus on their work without worrying about their bicycle.

How does bicycle parking work?

A unique bicycle parking solution is created to meet the needs of the business and its employees.

The business:

  • decides on the dimensions of the caged area, in multiples of existing parking spaces;

  • supplies and fits a lock, giving a key to its employees using the service;

  • places bicycle racks, tyre pump, helmet storage space and the like, as required.


  • creates a secure, branded cage within the parking facility;

  • provides door access cards so employees can access and exit the car park via the secure pedestrian doors as often as necessary;

  • provides safe and secure, well-lit parking facilities open 24/7.

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