Contactless payments double during lockdown in UK

Combi cashless payment

Since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, contactless parking transactions in the UK and Ireland have more than doubled as the coronavirus is changing the way people pay. People now want to reduce physical contact to a minimum, even when paying.

Q-Park's contactless payment options make parking at Q-Park the safest and most socially-distanced way to travel into city centres.

Cash appears to be going out of favour. The trend is noticeable in retail stores as well as in Q-Park car parks. As the coronavirus took hold in Europe, card issuers acted quickly by increasing the contactless limit from €30 to €50, which means that for many transactions, customers no longer need to enter their PIN.

Q-Park is unique in the parking industry and had started rolling out its innovative contactless parking systems into all Q-Park parking facilities throughout Europe as of 2016. Contactless payment functionality is available in the standard payment machines as well as at the access and exit barrier terminals.

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