Paris La Défense concession

Monday, 18 October 2021

Paris La Défense has just signed a contract with Q-Park for the operation of the largest set of parking facilities in Europe. 20,000 parking spaces in14 car parks. This 8-year public service delegation (PSD) aims to modernise the Paris La Défense parking facilities and improve the customer journey by upgrading services. Placed under the sign of social and environmental responsibility, echoing the purpose of the public institution, this new contract will also make it possible to initiate the ecological transition of infrastructures that will play an important role in the transformation of Paris La Défense into a post-carbon business district.

Giving a new meaning and diversifying the use of car parks

Designed from the 1960s, the car parks of La Défense then met the needs of an era marked by the rise of the automobile. The imperatives of the fight against globalwarming, as well as the development of public transport and active transport modes (walking, cycling), require rethinking the uses of this heritage while strengthening the services provided to employees, residents and visitors of La Défense.

Q-Park, whose delegation will begin on January 1st  2022, will continue the modernisation of the parking facilities. Strengthening the position of emissionfree and active transport modes, and adding mobility hub services:

  • Secure bicycle parking spaces (at least 800 spaces compared to 500 today)
  • EV charging stations for electric bicycles.
  • EV charging stations for electric cars (at least 500 EV charging stations compared to 200 today). 
  • Last mile logistic solutions
  • Car sharing options
  • Véligo - secure shelter service for bicycles

Georges Siffredi, President of Paris La Défense and the Hauts-de-Seine Department: "At a time when Paris La Défense is deciding on new strategic orientations for the development of the territory, we wanted to engage in a deep reflection on the future of our car parks. Achieving a high level of service will of course remain a priority, because the quality of access to La Défense by vehicle remains a condition for the attractiveness of the district. We also need to look to the future in order to meet our commitments to sustainable development. The car parks of tomorrow will no longer be just parking spaces but will become real mobility hubs and welcome other uses."

Modern & Quality service - at the heart of the contract

The ambitions are:

  • A modern and dynamic operation, oriented towards customer service, comfort and safety.
  • An innovative commercial and digital policy, adapted to the expectations of economic actors and visitors to Paris La Défense.
  • An ambitious investment programme
    • integrating embellishments designed by architects, artists and signage specialists
    • renovations to support the evolution of mobility and respond to the challenges related to sustainable development.

Within 8 years, all parking facilities will be the subject to an investment programme of EURO 37 million divided into 2 modes of intervention:

  • For car parks requiring heavy modernisation operations: complete renewals in the first three years of the contract, both technical and aesthetic.
  • For recently renovated car parks: interventions to unify aesthetics, improve signage, vehicle access and exit processing, pedestrian access, parking space numbering, lighting, etc.

Michèle Salvadoretti, Managing Director of Q-Park France:  "We are proud and honored by the trust placed in us by Paris La Défense. This new contract is an extraordinary opportunity for us to contribute to the transformation of such an emblematic district, alongside the public institution. We will make these car parks the showcase of the responsible and innovative vision we carry. Responsible, by offering a real mobility hub which welcomes the different transport modes and gives ample space to active and emissionfree mobility options. Innovative, by offering a high quality of service that meets the expectations of residents and visitors. A particular effort to modernise and digitise will be matched by an ambitious work programme to make the customer journey smoother and more enjoyable."

What will change for customers: 

  • A smoother customer journey by implementing "hands-free access" with numberplate recognition, change of toll equipment and creating a digital customer journey for visitors and season ticket holders.
  • A new interior and exterior design to provide more clarity while driving and more light overall for safety and comfort.
  • A new commercial offer through the creation of product ranges adapted to the post-Covid context (flexible season tickets).
  • A new pedestrian signage to help visitors find their way: large floor numbers, parking space numbers, QR codes for orientation, ...
  • A reinforcement of security and video surveillance to improve the responsiveness of teams in the event of an incident, and the installation of defibrillators.
  • Artistic interventions with a strong concept: 1 car park – 1 artist – 1 cultural event.

Facts & Figures

  • An 8-year contract
  • EUR 37 million modernisation investment
  • Large contract: 14 parking facilities and 20,000 parking spaces
  • Installing at least 300 additional EV charging stations (500 in total)
  • Creating at least 300 secure bicycle parking spaces (800 in total)
  • Strong cultural value: 14 car parks, 14 artists, 14 cultural events