Annual CSR Report 2021 published

Over a decade of social engagement and environmental impact

Today, Q-Park published its Annual CSR Report 2021. We report on our social engagement, environmental impact and our contribution to helping achieve UN SDGs relevant to our business. We use the GRI standards to deliver the highest level of transparency on our impact on the economy, the environment, and people.

We are pleased to announce that in 2021 we achieved:

  • An average carbon footprint per parking space of 93 kgCO2, a 51% reduction since we started measuring in 2010 (190 kgCO2).
  • 2,114 EV charging points (2020: 1,190) installed, an increase of 77.6%.
  • Parking facilities:
    • 385 offering online pre-booking, transforming search traffic to destination traffic;
    • 209 offering access to major public transport hubs, enabling sustainable mobility choices;
    • 119 offering bicycle parking, providing options for active mobility to reach final destinations.

In addition, in 2021 we have:

  • completed a successful and accelerated LED programme investments, installing energy-saving lighting and smart lighting controls in 350 parking facilities;
  • established our Sustainable Mobility Partner programme, to support changing urban mobility needs;
  • increased our portfolio to over 3,300 parking facilities and more than 640,000 parking spaces.
Value Creation CSR Report 2021 Final.png

Q-Park Value Creation Model