Partnerships for EV charging

Thursday, 9 June 2022

Q-Park signs partnership agreements for EV charging in its parking facilities across Europe

Commitment to expand Q-Park’s EV charging capacity to over 5,000 points

Q-Park has signed partnership agreements with Charging Point Operators (CPOs) in all seven countries in which it operates. The partnerships are designed to ensure ownership, rapid deployment, professional day-to-day management and solid performance of more than 5,000 electric vehicle (EV) charging points in over 500 parking facilities by 2024.

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Our CPO partners

Q-Park will allocate financial and human resources to install, deploy and operate EV charging points across its parking facilities in the next 18-24 months. The total investment will be in the range of EUR 30-40 million.

Frank De Moor, CEO of Q-Park BV says “Electric mobility is a catalyst for the energy transition and to enable this the world needs an omnipresent EV charging infrastructure. With smart and flexible EV charging at our parking facilities we want to contribute to building that infrastructure. We believe that enabling EV charging at our facilities makes perfect sense as it adds value for society as well as for Q-Park and our customers. It contributes to the liveability and accessibility of European cities and helps meet the growing sustainable mobility needs of people. At the same time, it strengthens our licence to operate and adds a new income stream to our business.”

EV Charging Programme

Today’s announcement also marks a key milestone of Q-Park’s EV Charging Programme. As forward-thinking company, this programme was initiated in 2021 to underline Q-Park’s long-term commitment to sustainable mobility. It ensures a broad understanding of our role in this market, setting the right priorities and implementing our EV charging infrastructure professionally.

Under the EV Charging Programme Q-Park will monitor the EV market evolution; matching forward planning with market demand and closely track performance. All this prepares Q-Park for further scalable growth and integration with our parking business beyond 2024.