Mobility chain solutions

Parking facilities are vital links in the mobility chain, connecting travellers with their final destination and acting as public transport transit points. We work closely with local authorities to develop facilities that enable travellers to park their cars or bicycles securely and conveniently as they continue their journey by another means.

P+R (Park + Ride) facilities, the Netherlands

Q-Park P+R facilities are modern, integral parts of the mobility chain in many towns and cities across the Netherlands. Located in the vicinity of public transport, they are easy to access and easy to find.

While Q-Park P+R facilities are open to everyone, they are designed especially for those who are continuing their journey by public transport, with travellers receiving a reduction on their parking tariff. It’s a system that has saved hundreds of millions of car kilometres.

As with all Q-Park facilities, P+R facilities are well laid out, safe, clean and feature ample parking spaces, camera surveillance and good lighting. Other notable features include:

  • Customer-friendly pedestrian route to public transport

  • Open 24/7

  • Automatic lighting at entrance/exit

  • Favourable parking tariffs for commuters

  • Cashless payment only – multiple cards accepted

  • Parking spaces for the disabled

  • General information

  • 24/7 season tickets

  • Special discounts for travellers