Antwerp Central Station

As it was built in 1905, this imposing end station existed of 10 railways that reach their terminal point. After arriving in the station, all trains had to return backwards.

To meet mobility requirements, the arrival of high-speed trains and the commitment of providing domestic passengers with high quality service, this major station is being completely redesigned and reopened in 2007.

The Q-Park Astridplein car park;

  • Capacity for 400 cars, to switch from car to train.
  • Capacity for 900 bicycles, to facilitate commuter traffic.
  • Contributes to the quality of life in this dense urban area.
  • A large ‘kiss-and-ride’ zone for cars and taxis.
  • A pedestrians-only area, making the underground square convenient and safe.

Underground railway with 14 platforms

Together with the redevelopment of existing infrastructure, an underground railway tunnel with 14 platforms divided over three floors, with several connections, fitting perfectly with the historic building and the square in front of the station called ‘Queen Astrid’, had to be implemented.

Three floors were constructed below street level. On sublevel one, a large, open square connects the two main subway stations and provides direct access to the underground levels of the train station. On sublevels two and three, we created a state-of-the-art parking facility.

Direct access to underground levels of train station

Queen Astrid Square

The presence of the station and several public transport services (bus, metro) make this a vibrant public space. Three decisions were made to meet the different functions of the new square:

  • The square becomes a pedestrian zone, no on-going traffic.
  • Green space on the surface to create a resting place.
  • Improve mobility by creating an underground transit and parking zone.

The new ‘Koningin Astrid Plein’ (Queen Astrid Square) is a junction for Antwerp mobility. Since the square is located in the city centre (with a high number of shops, offices, restaurants, hotels and the Antwerp Zoo nearby), the square plays a significant role in Antwerp day-to-day life.

Antwerp Zoo - next to Antwerp Central Station