De Rotterdam

De Rotterdam river view

De Rotterdam - designed by architect Rem Koolhaas

Multifunctional building

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Car park entrance

De Rotterdam is a multifunctional building on the Wilhelminapier in Rotterdam, designed by OMA, Rem Koolhaas's architectural firm. De Rotterdam is 149 metres high, has 44 floors and consists of three transparent towers close to each other, of which the upper half is off-set from the lower part.

In total, some 160,000 m2 on the area of just one football pitch, and in volume, the largest building in the Netherlands that has been developed in just one phase. Worldwide, De Rotterdam is known as 'the vertical city'.

Due to the number of residents in the building, the population of the Wilhelminapier has doubled. Some 5,000 people will be in the building on an average day. This makes it the most densely populated piece of land in the Netherlands.

De Rotterdam atrium view landscape

Part of the plinth - entrance, lobby, car park and easy access escalators

De Rotterdam - transparant parking

De Rotterdam Atrium view

Three parking levels in the building - fully transparent due to the atrium

The car park is situated under the entire building;

  • Two floors underground, plus
  • Three parking levels in the plinth, facilitating
  • 684 parking spaces

The building

De Rotterdam consists of three towers built on a plinth.

  • The Plinth: entrance, restaurants and car park. The plinth is 30 metres high and includes six floors.
    • Two restaurants are located on the ground floor on the side facing the river Maas. Both restaurants have a riverside outdoor seating area.
    • On the ground floor on the Wilhelminakade side of the building is the entrance to the car park.
    • The car park is situated under the entire building with two parking floors underground and three parking levels in the plinth.
    • Above the car park there are two floors for recreational purposes.
  • West tower: apartments. 240 units, 186 for purchase and 54 for rent.
    • The top floor of De Rotterdam is dedicated to a single penthouse with a floor area of from 750 m2. This penthouse is the largest and most expensive apartment in Rotterdam. In 2015, the unfurnished apartment was sold for EUR 3.44 million.
  • Middle tower: offices. The municipality of Rotterdam occupies 25,000 m2.
  • East tower: NHOW Hotel and office space. The NH design Hotel NHOW has 285 rooms, conference facilities and a roof terrace at 30 metres. The upper floors are dedicates to office space.
De Rotterdam inhoud

De Rotterdam - building plan