Medipole, Lyon-Villeurbanne

Medipole - modern hospital with ample parking

A ground-breaking hospital parking solution

In January 2019 Q-Park opened the barriers of the Medipole hospital car parks to welcome patients, visitors, doctors, nurses and other employees to the brand-new hospital complex. Three separate car parks have been created on the site to meet the various needs of the medical centre.

The new Medipole centre represents real gains in efficiency and quality of care for patients who now have convenient access to a complete range of medical and surgical specialities at a single location. The new hospital has 746 beds, 250 medical practitioners, and some 1,500 employees.

Taking parking requirements seriously

When planning the new hospital, the consortium of regional health insurers took parking requirements seriously from the start of the development project. Q-Park won the tender procedure in June 2017 for a 9-year contract and this meant that Q-Park was involved at a very early stage and was able to contribute its expertise to designing the parking facilities.

Q-Park expertise

During the past 20 years Q-Park has developed its excellence in parking philosophy which is recognised by the European parking industry. Naturally, this was applied when designing the Medipole car parks and includes some of Q-Park's signature design features, such as:

  • Angled parking
  • Smart one-way routing
  • Multiple access and exit points
  • Dedicated car parks to meet specific needs
  • Capacity calculation

Q-Park is responsible for operating the three parking facilities around the Medipole hospital complex - indicated in purple

Q-Park's experts recommended creating three car parks around the complex, each with the right number of parking spaces required for its specific location and needs of employees, patients and visitors.

Q-Park Medipole PA-PC

The main car park, Q-Park Medipole PA-PC has 550 spaces and two entrances. The PA car park offers the first 15 minutes parking for free. This car park is primarily intended for patients, visitors and Medipole staff.

  • Doctors and employees can purchase a monthly season ticket guaranteeing them a parking space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Other visitors to the Medipole hospital complex can pre-book a parking space in the PA-PC car park via the Q-Park website. Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) makes accessing the car park with a pre-booking or season ticket extra convenient.
  • Some patients and their families are entitled to a 60% discount on the public tariffs for online pre-bookings. The various medical departments can grant these discounts at their discretion and Maternity Services, in particular, makes regular use of this facility.

Q-Park Medipole PU

The car park serving the Accident and Emergency (A&E) room Q-Park Medipole PU has 75 spaces. This car park allows carers to take patients to A&E and they benefit from free parking for the first 30 minutes. They can then move their vehicle to the PA car park.

  • A limited number of season tickets are available for this car park for certain categories of patients, such as those with chronic illnesses and dialysis patients who need convenient parking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q-Park Medipole PM

The smallest of the car parks is Q-Park Medipole PM which has just 26 spaces. This car park is intended for dropping off passengers at the main hospital entrance, just a few steps away. This car park is especially convenient for taxis and is free of charge for the first 30 minutes.

Bicycles & Motorbikes

In addition to these car parks, there is also a shelter for a limited number of bicycles and motorbikes which can be accessed via the PC car park. This is freely accessible to employees, visitors and patients. A second larger shelter to accommodate 70 bicycles and 20 motorbikes is located at the other end of the Medipole complex.

The complex includes multiple charging stations for electric vehicles which are located near the A&E entrance.

For further information about Q-Park's expertise in hospital parking see our Nine specialist tips for hospital parking.

Legend references to car park names:

  • P1 = Medipole PC (midsize purple area bottom right)
  • P2 = Medipole PU (long purple area above red section)
  • P3 = Medipole PA (large purple area at the top)
  • P4 = Medipole PM (small purple area bottom left)