Boston & Seattle, Rotterdam

Boston waterview with sax

Boston & Seattle part of the “Rijnhaven”-side development

Latest parking technology with comfort & durability!

The parking facility has comfortable parking spaces, is well lit and has the latest parking systems. It is the ideal starting point for visits to theatres, hotels, restaurants, offices and / or home. The visitor can directly leave the pier, because the facility is located just behind the New Luxor Theatre.


The Boston & Seattle project is part of the developments at the “Rijnhaven”-side on the Wilhelmina Pier including the New Orleans and The Sax (still in development) buildings. The construction was challenging; building on the crowded Wilhelmina Pier required a detailed logistical planning. Taking into account not only residents and commuters, but also the attraction of giant cruise ships that dock weekly at the Pier.

Initially, the plan was to have one common parking facility for the 3 buildings with the parking facility access ramp directly in the Boston & Seattle. As the construction did not run simultaneously, only Boston & Seattle and The Sax were connected and the access / exit was moved to The Sax. Today, Boston & Seattle is in operation, although the towers as well as The Sax are still under construction.

Sustainability & Comfort

Residential towers Boston & Seattle meet the high demands of durability and comfort. This is reflected in the use of materials selected for their durability, low maintenance and aesthetic appearance to fit with the rest of the towers.

Boston & seattle entrance
Boston & Seattle routing

Q-Park Boston & Seattle routing with entrance via 'The Sax' (right side)

Boston & Seattle

  • 23 stories high
  • 220 owner-occupied and rental apartments 
  • 1,500 m2 for shops and restaurants on the ground floor
  • A special roof garden on the 5th floor
  • 230 parking spaces on 2 levels
  • Latest parking technology
  • Broad range of online payment options
  • Open 24/7
Boston entrance

Motorist 2-way access / exit

Car entrance exit payment Boston

Motorist payment terminal

Boston interieur

Boston & Seattle comfortable interior

Rotterdam map

Wilhelmina Pier

From 1873 to 1978, the Wilhelmina Pier was a coming and going of travellers who were transported by the Holland America Line (HAL) to and from North America and Canada. The dynamics stayed. On the 'Pier' there is always something to do: many restaurants such Las Palmas, the Luxor Theatre, cinema and jazz stage, the Photo Museum and Hotel New York. And the heart of Rotterdam is just on the other side of the Erasmus Bridge.


Area model