Symphony, Amsterdam

Q-Park Symphony Amsterdam

Amsterdam Zuidas

The Symphony building is the most popular location and multifunctional building of the Amsterdam Zuidas. This prestigious building, with room for offices, shops, restaurants and many other amenities is the flagship of the Zuidas in many ways. It is unique in terms of location, architecture, accessibility, versatility and qualitative implementation.

Amsterdam Symphony is a new development at the Amsterdam Zuidas (South axis) comprising two eye-catching orange-red skyscrapers (105 metres high). It was designed by the renown Dutch architect Pi de Bruijn, also famous for the new accommodation for the Lower House of the Dutch Parliament, the Reichstag building in Berlin and for the Beurstraverse in Rotterdam. The construction started in September 2006 and the building was inaugurated in 2009.

Q-Park Symphony pedestrian entrance

Q-Park Symphony

Symphony is the third Q-Park parking facility in the Amsterdam Zuidas business district, after Q-Park Mahler and Q-Park Eurocenter. And Q-Park’s fourteenth parking facility in Amsterdam.

Q-Park Symphony motorist access outside

It offers 530 parking spaces (including 455 public parking spaces). This car park underwent a complete refurbishment to meet Q-Park's design standards, including high-quality workmanship and good lighting. Although housestyle is essential to Q-Park, the Symphony entrance sign is different to the one in the interior as it fits with the towers design. Everything else inside is according to Q-Park's design standards.

Q-Park Symphony new routing with exit terminals

The parking facility is open 24/7 and offers various payments methods such as cashless payment, Yellow Brick or chip at motorist access and exit terminals. It offers all well-known services such as a starting aid, AED, umbrellas and CCTV.

Q-Park Symphony pedestrian area


In the old situation the layers -1 and -2 were poorly accessible due to an existing 2-way ramp. This, in combination with some other factors, made the two levels dangerous and almost inaccessible.

Based on our advice and design, the existing 2-way ramp was transformed into a 1-way ramp, and an additional ramp was build in the existing car park. This adaption made the parking facility more accessible, it improved the overall routing in the car park and it is safer to both motorist and pedestrians.

To further increase the access and the flow within the car park, a second exit was added and the payment stations were moved further away from the entrance.

Q-Park Symphony new ramp