Queen Square, Liverpool

Q-Park Queen Square now exemplifies a highly-functional, best-quality and reliable facility for customers, shoppers and leisure visitors alike.

A pivotal role in city access

The world-famous city of Liverpool in the North West of England has a population of almost 500,000, and plays host to an astonishing 60 million visitors a year. Q-Park Queen Square is located in one of the busiest shopping areas within the city. As such, it plays a pivotal role in providing access to retail, commercial and historical attractions, including local theatres and restaurants. Liverpool Lime Street Station – a key transport hub – is also located just a few hundred yards from the facility.

Renovation and innovation

Q-Park UK has been actively supporting various regeneration projects across Liverpool. When we acquired the Queen Square Car Park in November of 2015, it was outdated, dark and dull, with a difficult entrance and tight parking spaces. Now, through a combination of renovation and innovation, it is up to the same flagship standards as the famous Q-Park Liverpool ONE car park.

A range of significant improvements

After acquiring the facility, Q-Park immediately set about upgrading the car park. Significant improvements were made to the building itself including changes to the entrance and lane design to provide easy access, increase room for manoeuvre and reduce the risk of collision; and repairs to the concrete to enhance parking safety.

We also replaced the barrier and payment equipment to increase reliability and speed so motorists can access and exit quickly and conveniently. Signage in the highly recognisable Q-Park house-style was introduced to direct motorists to the renovated Queen Square multi-storey car park.

To make the interior of the car park safer, new light-reflective floor coating was applied to improve overall visibility and clearly mark routing for cars and pedestrians throughout the facility. Light-coloured wall coating and improved lighting also contribute to a sense of cleanliness, space, and elegance and help customers feel safe and secure.

Space for every type of vehichle

The parking facility now has seven levels of spacious parking providing a total of 537 spaces. These include smaller spaces for city cars such as Smarts, as well as spaces for blue badge holders which are now shared with the parent and toddler spaces. By combining the designated spaces, we have achieved better utilisation of these wider parking spaces.

An emphasis on safety and sustainability

Q-Park has introduced new safety measures. For example, trained Q-Park Parking Hosts are on hand round the clock to provide customer assistance, conduct site maintenance and patrol the parking decks.

The facility is equipped with CCTV, as well as help points that connect directly to Q-Park’s UK control room. The fire staircase has been upgraded with sensor lighting and motion detection for safety and to save energy; this helps us meet our environmental goals. Future plans include the installation of a new LED lighting system to cut electricity consumption by a further 50%.

Improved access to Queen Square

The improved pedestrian infrastructure includes walkways clearly marked in Q-Park house style and a pedestrian entrance at the front of the car park that leads directly to the Queen Square area. A door entry node provides secure access to a pedestrian lobby area that includes new glass doors for improved visibility and security.

We have partnered with the adjacent Marriott to provide an additional entrance dedicated to hotel guests, and a drop-off point into the hotel directly from the car park.

A user-friendly facility

To make the facility as user-friendly as possible, Q-Park has installed new barrier and payment equipment as part of the refurbishment. This supports cashless and contactless payments which eliminates the need for paper tickets, and makes accessing and exiting the car park easy, safe and convenient.

A range of standard services such as toilets, buggy hire, a shoe shine machine, bike racks, free umbrellas, AED, and a car battery charger are available from the Parking Host as required. To encourage local customers to return, motorists can save up for free parking and take advantage of other local rewards via the Q-Park Rewards loyalty app.

The renovated car park was runner up for the 2017 EPA Awards in Category 2: Renoveated Parking Structures.