Green & Carefree

Solar panels & Charging points

With 704 parking spaces, the new car park in Oostenburg is the ‘greenest’ Q-Park location in Amsterdam. There are solar panels on the green roof and there are ample charging points for electric vehicles.

Early in the planning phase we worked together with the local housing corporation Stadsgenoot to help design the surrounding area, which means we have created a parking facility that actively contributes to social safety in the low-traffic zone. The new facility offers a welcoming parking experience to residents and visitors alike.

Energy neutral

With the solar panels on the roof, the car park generates enough energy to be completely energy neutral. Any excess green electricity is used to power the 15 charging stations which means that there is capacity to charge 30 cars simultaneously. Succulent sedum plants cover the remaining roof to buffer rainfall.

A carefree parking experience

The car park is designed to not only offer a carefree parking experience to residents and visitors, but also to ensure that people feel safe and secure. We realise this by providing sufficient lighting in and around the car park and by installing a properly functioning fire alarm and evacuation system.

Stronger together

This parking facility is another example of how Q-Park works well together with project developers, constructors and investors. Q-Park Oostenburg is a joint venture between developer/constructor Ten Brinke, investor Holland Immo Group and Q-Park providing car parking expertise in the design and operational phases.

In addition, the surrounding area was designed in close cooperation with Stadsgenoot, the local housing corporation, to create a pleasant neighbourhood.

  • There will be a mix of housing types providing something for every budget and household size as well as leisure amenities, restaurants and cafés, and business premises.

  • The car park plays a central role in making the new neighbourhood a low-traffic zone because there are no on-street parking spaces.

Look & feel

Q-Park Oostenburg in Amsterdam consists of 17 split level parking decks, three of which are underground. The exterior has been designed to fit in with the area's bold industrial appearance. Mix Architecture created the cladding from concrete with a theme of natural stone and reed matting. The doors are manufactured from perforated steel plates, with illustrations provided by the Rijksmuseum of the VOC, the Dutch East India Company. This fits in well with the rich history of this part of Amsterdam.