Galeria Kaufhof

Famous department stores

The Galeria Kaufhof department stores are among the biggest and best selling retail outlets in Germany. They are located at first class sites in large city centres and as of January 2008, Q-Park has taken on the challenge to manage the Düsseldorf Kaufhof parking facility for 12 months as a pilot project.

The objective was to convince Kaufhof that Q-Park quality and operations are more efficient and effective, proving that we are their ideal partner for the future. For Kaufhof, the objective was to increase car parking customers which would lead to increased revenue, as research shows that, on average, visitors by car spend more money.

Galeria Kaufhof Dusseldorf parking entrance before - after

Galeria Kaufhof Dusseldorf parking inside before - after

Quality increase

Q-Park and Kaufhof focused on increasing the quality levels of the parking facility, discussing and implementing standard processes, agreements on performance indicators and which services and products needed to be introduced.

Q-Park undertook a major quality upgrade of the Düsseldorf Kaufhof parking facility and gave priority to the entrances, exits, lifts and ticket area. The new look and feel of in- & external signage and the service office was agreed upon beforehand with Kaufhof.

The success continues

The Kaufhof pilot project resulted in a big success as we performed better than planned. To date, Q-Park and Kaufhof work together on marketing and sales promotions, with a focus on attracting new marketing partners and additional customer groups. This is the case at the following locations (inlcuding number of parking spaces):

  • Dortmund - 475
  • Dusseldorf - 438
  • Hannover - 280
  • Mannheim - 538
  • Stuttgart - 666