Parking tariffs

Why we should embrace paid parking

Few people are familiar with the added value of deploying the right parking tariff strategy. There appears to be much negative public opinion about paying for parking, although a customer survey we conducted in 2014 shows that most of our customers are very aware of the principle of paid parking.

Setting the right price

Setting the right price, at a given location, on a given day, at a given time, and for the time used, is part of our daily work. Our three guiding principles are:

  • Profit - to ensure sustainable financial performance

  • Added value– to integrate mobility and other essential urban needs

  • Proactive approach – to enhance fair pricing for commuters, residents, people parking for short periods, and our partners

We need to find the perfect balance between price and demand. We work on the principle that it is unfavourable for an urban area if the occupancy rate of a parking facility exceeds 85%. Not having to queue to enter a parking facility is more economical for all involved; it is safer for cyclists and pedestrians, and better for the environment.

Price differentiation

We aim to have a variety of parking/price combinations available for our customers to consider. For instance: highly valued and high-priced parking within 300 metres of their final destination, reasonable priced parking slightly further away, and smart parking within a healthy walking distance.

Price differentiation enables us to benefit certain groups over others. For example, at shopping centres the cheaper rates for the first two or three hours favour shoppers rather than commuters, but at train stations, the daily tariff favours commuters.

Economic insight

We gain insight into the impact of various pricing strategy options by using proprietary calculation models. For example; our educational calculation model provides clear insight into why EUR 0.50 per fifteen minutes is, from an operator 's perspective, not the same as EUR 2 per hour.

Would you like to do the maths and know the difference? Contact [email protected].

Fair pricing

Wherever possible, we like to implement fair pricing strategies for the people parking, the surrounding communities as well as for the operator. For more information e-mail [email protected].