Vision & Mission


We aim to be the most preferred and recommended parking partner at strategic locations in Western Europe, based on functional quality, operational excellence, customer satisfaction, and sustainable financial performance.


We enhance urban liveability by providing clean and safe parking facilities, based on convenience, reliability and hospitality.


To provide a response to external events and market trends our plans are built on five strategic areas:

  • portfolio of strong locations;

  • differentiated contract types and propositions;

  • digital, commercial and pricing capabilities;

  • operational excellence, and

  • sustainable mobility partnerships.

By applying innovative technology and by working together with strategic partners, we offer profitable and sustainable parking solutions.


By offering a substantial portfolio of parking facilities in urban areas throughout Western Europe, we contribute to fulfilling sustainable mobility needs.

On the one hand, there is an individual need to go to places for educational, economic, social, living and leisure purposes – whenever possible and without any hassle. On the other, there is a societal need to improve the liveability of cities, increase safety for pedestrians and cyclists, provide access to green and public spaces, support economic development, and offer affordable and equitable access for all.

Value for customers

We create value through our portfolio of parking facilities at strategic locations: in or near multifunctional inner-city areas, at public transport interchanges, and at hospitals. And through an increasing number of electric vehicle charging points.

Value for partners

We seek partnerships with other sustainable mobility providers to collectively offer flexible solutions for residents, commuters and visitors of urban areas, encouraging active travel (walking and cycling) and the use of public transport.

Value for landlords

We offer public and private landlords a range of contract types and value propositions, which are supported by our business intelligence, unique digital solutions and pricing optimisation capabilities.

Value for society

We operate with a long-term perspective and from a solid financial basis. Our Corporate Sustainability Report (CSR) provides insight into how we serve society and improve liveability for years to come.