Can we replace grey with green? Yes we can!

Museumplein Obama

Barack Obama, the 44th president of the USA, landed on Amsterdam's Museumplein, a green, car and coach free square in the centre of Amsterdam.

Open spaces = liveable & accessible cities

Can we replace congested grey streets and squares with open green spaces? Yes we can! We work with urban planners and municipality mobility professionals to make space for parking underground and space for greenery and recreation on top.

Making cities more liveable and easily accessible for all. It’s a win-win for municipalities, residents and visitors. Here are some examples of our completed projects around Europe.

Bruul, Mechelen

WDQ_Bruul_greenery_access_and_exit_ WEB_16x9_646px.jpg
  • Car park constructed under ring road
  • Green space on top provides pedestrian and cycle route from train station to city centre & shopping streets

Museumplein, Amsterdam

Smart infrastructure Museum
  • Splendid Royal Concert Hall and Rijksmuseum in full view at either end of the green square
  • Green space gives access to popular cultural venues
  • Cars and coaches are parked underground

Neumarkt, Dresden

Passionate about space Dresden
  • Car park constructed under the Neumarkt created a pedestrian zone in front of the restored Frauenkirche
  • Historic landscape free of cars
  • Residents and tourists enjoy the city centre at it’s best

Brotteaux, Lyon

WDQ_brotteaux_ WEB_16x9_646px.jpg
  • Revitalised square enlarged and redesigned now fully dedicated to pedestrians
  • Improved access to nearby restaurants and shops
  • Residents and visitors park underground

Hyde Park, London

Passionate about space Hyde park
  • ≈ 2,000 spaces under Hyde Park, London’s lungs
  • At the edge of the congestion zone
  • Located close to tube stations for onward journey
  • Cars underground, recreation space above

Nørreport, Copenhagen

  • Out of sight city centre car park
  • Space for more than 1,000 cars under Israels Plads
  • Large square for recreation and a covered food market
  • Close to Nørreport Station, a metro and train station