Brotteaux 646

Brotteaux, Lyon

A multifunctional parking facility serving a wide range of customers for shops, famous restaurants (Paul Bocuse and Georges Blanc), nightclubs, offices, historical monuments, Art Deco buildings and 18th century residential apartments.

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Hart van Zuid 646

Hart van Zuid, Rotterdam

Q-Park's 13th parking facility in Rotterdam (NL) is a prime example of a ‘transformation with functional focus’.

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Hospital solution Medipark 646

Hospital car park solutions

Surgeon, nurse or financial controller – everyone should do what they do best. And we are the best in hospital parking solutions that deliver an attractive return as well as satisfied patients, visitors and staff.

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Mosae 646

Mosae Forum, Maastricht

A future focused complex which fits perfectly into the authentic-historic elements of Maastricht (NL).

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Liverpool ONE 646

Liverpool ONE

Liverpool ONE (UK) is the most important shopping, residential and leisure development for more than 40 years. A striking 2,000-space, four-storey underground car park.

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Lyon Perrache 646

Lyon Perrache Archives

This riverside site in Lyon (FR) is re-embracing its natural environment by highlighting its location and unique landscape.

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Sauchi 646

Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow

An eight-month renovation in Glasgow (UK) to address the much needed quality standards. It services the local community and a multi-tenanted shopping centre.

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Stockmann 646

Stockmann, Helsinki

We partnered with Finnish retailer Stockmann to build a new parking facility at their flagship department store in the centre of Helsinki (FI).

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Handelsbeurs 646

Handelsbeurs, Antwerp

A monumental plan to rejuvenate this neighbourhood in the heart of Antwerp (BE). A public function in a unique setting, to meet and eat without any worries about parking.

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Bijenkorf 646

De Bijenkorf, Amsterdam

‘De Bijenkorf’ (The Beehive) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is the first of four Bijenkorf parking facilities located in key Dutch cities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Eindhoven), which needed to be upgraded to fit with the expectations of Bijenkorf customers.

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