Parking spaces near public transport and bicycle parking

Our 2017 CSR results on proximity to public transport

We create easy access to public transport with parking facilities close to alternative mobility options to reduce car usage.

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Carbon footprint per parking space per type of structure

Our 2017 CSR results on carbon footprint

The average carbon footprint per parking space is now 6 percent lower than in 2016.

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Parking spaces reserved for electric and shared cars

Our 2017 CSR results on car charging stations

The number of parking spaces reserved for car charging increased by 35 percent to 1,117.

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Operations How to profit red pencil calculator

How to profit from an experienced parking operator

Are you concerned about revenue, pricing and capacity management? Use our many years of experience to make sure you maximise your parking facility in these areas.

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Operations How to achieve Business Vision

How to achieve smart parking operations

Parking facilities are often part of a real customer journey. Customers should experience the same ‘look and feel’ that they will receive at their destination.

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Smart infrastructure Museum

Smart infrastructure

Smart infrastructure will include smart parking and is needed to facilitate seamless mobility for autonomous people.

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A well-functioning society

A well-functioning society

Mobility will always be one of the prerequisites for a well-functioning society, as people move from place to place – whether it be for work or pleasure.

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Autonomy of people

The autonomy of people

Technology changes all the time; human nature, hardly ever. Evgeny Morozov

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Future of parking model autonomy of cars

The autonomy of cars

Perhaps one of the largest changes of AVs will be ‘door-to-door’ mobility. People forego public transport and Park+Ride options in favour of travelling hands-free right to their destination.

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WDQ Lockers and Pick-up

Mobility hubs

Mobility hubs are busy places where travellers arrive and depart by different modes of transport. Here we maximise customer convenience and help cities to be accessible and liveable.

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