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The politics of paid parking

Research has shown that a large proportion of inner-city traffic consists of motorists looking for a place to park. It's not unreasonable to charge motorists a fair price for parking.

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Paid parking = Free grumble

That paid parking is the key to accessibility and liveability of urban areas is often quickly forgotten.

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Digital growth perspective

At Q-Park we have designed our digital solutions to offer growth perspectives and increase profitability for landlords.

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Digital services

We aim to optimise customer journeys, not just in and around our parking facilities, but also online. For ease of use in every step of the way.

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Digital processes

There is more to opening and closing a barrier than most people think.

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Winning the Oscars - Cashless & Contactless

Digital payments

Advances in technology, coupled with increased customer confidence in and acceptance of cashless payments, open up a range of opportunities.

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Passionate about space

We provide space. Space to park cars. Space to walk, cycle or exercise. Space to socialise or enjoy the surroundings.

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Winning the Oscars

Winning the Oscars

The EPA Awards are the ‘Oscars of the parking industry’ and applaud the highest quality in five categories.

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Art & Culture

Art is a permanent feature in our parking facilities. Our walls make an excellent backdrop for exhibiting art of all kind.

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Transparent & Attractive

We design our main pedestrian areas as visible, attractive and transparent as possible – from all parking floors and the outside.

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