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Parking as a Smart Service

Innovation – Creating a seamless journey, from Cashless to Ticketless to Cardless car parking.

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Specialist in hospital car parks

Nine tips from a specialist in hospital parking. As parking is often an emotional topic it needs to be properly understood. We invite you to engage with a specialist as you do for all functions and facilities in and around hospitals.

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Future of parking model autonomy of cars

Will AVs transform our society?

However medium or long term the advent of AVs will be, what will they mean for inner-city infrastructure? What will they mean for on- and off-street parking?

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Facts & Figures

Passenger cars are the number one source of mobility, about 70% of all journeys are made by private car, taxi or car sharing.

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Corona community support

As parking specialists, we strictly follow and apply rules and regulations issued by governments. This often means using common sense and changing habits.

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POIs improve performance

People search first for their destination and secondly for a place to park their car. Identifying and listing POIs is something we do as it is important to our customers.

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Focus on value in an ecosystem

It is essential to focus on how to add true value; this is easier in an ecosystem.

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Glow event

Tailored parking options for event organisers

Every event has its own specific needs. Whatever the requirements, Q-Park is happy to work with partners to create tailored propositions.

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Saving costs & reducing CO

Q-Park is installing energy-saving LED lighting systems to reduce energy consumption, carbon footprint, and to make massive savings on the energy bill.

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Paid parking: Facts & Figures

Here are some facts and figures regarding paid parking. They may change your perspective on the value of paid parking.

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