Two renovated car parks shortlisted for EPA awards

Tuesday, 31 May 2022

Two of Q-Park’s recently renovated objects have been shortlisted for the prestigious EPA awards.

Renovation is often a better solution than a new build. Space for construction in inner-city areas is limited, while reusing existing resources not only makes sound economic sense, it’s also cheaper and better for the environment.

Q-Park has become expert in applying its high standards to existing facilities. Refurbishing a parking facility is more than applying a new coat of paint. At Q-Park, we’re not afraid to make structural changes where necessary so the renovated facility meets our high standards all round.

Renovating an existing parking facility also means less disruption for those living and working in the vicinity. If at all possible, we keep a parking facility open while work is carried out.

We ensure our signature features are present in renovated parking facilities. These include changes for:


  • easy access thanks to ANPR
  • contactless parking transactions for season ticket holders, and those pre-booking or using the Q-Park app
  • wide one-way driving aisles and larger parking bays


  • well-lit areas with glass and clear lines of sight
  • glass features to increase a sense of safety, such as doors and walls
  • lifts and wide stairs
  • clear pedestrian routing
  • spaces for parents with children and people with reduced mobility (PRMs) located near pedestrian exits and lifts


  • energy-saving LED lighting with smart controls
  • one-way traffic reduces emissions
  • angled bays and dynamic signage mean motorist quickly find a vacant space
  • EV charging points

The City

  • integration in a city-wide mobility plan
  • facilities for bicycle parking
  • mobility sharing schemes

Read more about the parking facilities shortlisted for the EPA award in category 2 here:

2_France_Chartres_Conversion_Visual_Pedestrian signage_TDF_3151_Studio_Erick_Saillet.jpg

Q-Park République, Chartres (FR)

France Toulon Refurbishments Visual Art

Q-Park Pereisc Marché, Toulon (FR)

The winners will be announced at the 20th EPA Congress & Exhibition to be held in Brussels from 12 to 14 September 2022.