Taunton hospital Cedars

Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton

Cedars car park features ‘Light Weave’, by Peter Feeman

In 2006 the hospital trust turned to Q-Park to help tackle the parking problems and congestion.

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PMS with readers installed

Cashless & Contactless payments in parking facilities

Customers clearly like paying by card. Since we implemented card payments at our car parks in the Netherlands, the ratios have shifted from 80% cash to more than 80% card transactions.

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Randers Hospital

Randers Hospital, Denmark

Car park with covered walkway to main hospital building

The hospital has partnered with Q-Park to provide safe parking for patients and their visitors as well as for their doctors, nurses and other staff.

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Smash&Grab logo

Reducing theft from cars

In the pilot campaign held in the Amsterdam museum district, theft from cars dropped by 25% in the first six months.

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Victoria 646

Victoria Square, Belfast

Victoria Square is the new shopping destination in Belfast. It is an open, light-filled space and its streets, public areas and buildings express a character all of their own.

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Meir 646

Shopping Meir, Antwerp

‘Shopping Meir’ is located 50m from Antwerp’s largest and most famous shopping street ‘Meir’. The Meir is free of traffic, has numerous beautiful historic buildings and has about 240 000 visitors every week.

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Magasin 646

Magasin du Nord, Denmark

Q-Park Magasin du Nord is part of the renowned department store - a Copenhagen landmark since 1870. The store is owned by Debenhams who runs 6. Q-Park operates the car parks for 4 stores.

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Symphony 646

Symphony, Amsterdam

Amsterdam Symphony is a new development in the Amsterdam Zuidas comprising two eye-catching orange-red skyscrapers.

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Christ Church Cathedral 646

Christ Church, Dublin

Located in the heart of Dublin's city centre, within walking distance to several attractions.

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Boston 646

Boston & Seattle, Rotterdam

Its is a real eyecatcher; very large parking spaces, well lit and newest parking systems. It is the ideal starting point for visits to theaters, hotels, restaurants, Las Palmas, offices and / or home.

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